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Which are better platform Shopify or WooCommerce?

Seeking for the right e-commerce platform that fits your business requirements are important. WooCommerce vs. Shopify is a showdown between two e-commerce giants. Shopify powers over 800,000+ online stores, while WooCommerce claims to be the most popular e-commerce platform. But which is right for you? Let’s see:

Shopify is hosted. Hence, Shopify manages the software for you and provides you a lot of flexibility as well.

The benefits of Shopify are:

  1. Pricing fair enough and you will know how much budget you have to set as per project.
  2. Shopify provides you access to several applications for extending your store.
  3. From hosting to security Shopify manages everything for you.
  4. The themes are plentiful and beautiful.
  5. Within a few minutes, Shopify launches your online store.
  6. Dropshipping is rather simple with Shopify.
  7. The support is the best in the business.

WooCommerce is self-hosted. In WooCommerce your store files are located on your server, and because its free, you can easily do modifications to your store as per your requirement.

The benefits of WooCommerce are:

  1. WooCommerce offers complete customization and control.
  2. WordPress has a huge community online.
  3. WooCommerce provides you endless themes & plugins.
  4. WooCommerce is simple to configure on WordPress.
  5. The WooCommerce plugin is free.


From the above discussion, it’s clear that the major difference between these two giants is the pricing. While Shopify offers plans starting from $29 per month, WooCommerce is free, but you need to buy your domain and hosting. Seeking for expertise! At Cartcoders Shopify store customization experts create a Shopify Custom Theme Setup as per your preference.

Choosing CartCoders to build your Shopify store gives you the beautiful design that showcases your brand and a partner on a mission to make you more money.

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