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How to Migrate Your E-commerce Platform to Shopify

What is an E-commerce Platform Migration?

During platform migration, you move your e-commerce website from one platform to another. Your main goal is to scale your online business, access better functions, improve its efficiency, and simply move onto bigger and better things.

Suppose, your e-commerce store is struggling to cope with the influx of traffic and orders, and it will be expensive for you to keep the website alive by upgrading your servers. In the long run, it will be much costly for you because ROI will be less than when you began your online business.

Generally, by identifying the above issue, you will look for solutions and for a platform where you will see a bigger ROI, one that can cope with a high range of traffic & sales that enables you to work on the core of your business, rather than maintaining the website.

But what exactly makes you gravitate towards Shopify? Shopify migration is undoubtedly a great chance to improve your online business, and therefore boost sales. Below are the main features that make it the most robust & talked about platform on the e-commerce market today:

  • Easy Setup
  • Big Collection of Themes
  • Great SEO
  • Blogging Functionality
  • Diversity of Add-Ons
  • A wide range of payment gateways
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Unlimited scalability
  • High-Security standards
  • Professional Customer Support

How to Migrate to Shopify?

Today, Shopify is one of the most user-friendly, flexible, & fastest e-commerce platforms in the market. Growing over the last 15 years and now powering over 800,000 businesses globally, Shopify has changed the e-commerce world for the better by changing the way businesses sell their products online.

To get resolve the issues of e-commerce migration, as an owner you generally have three options such as you can export & import data manually as per the online instruction, you can request technical assistance from a developer, As an alternative turn to automated migration service.

As per manual migration & the cost of hiring an expert, the need for an automated solution is becoming clearer.

Here, the automated method of e-commerce migration is the new generation way for web developers and their businesses. Online converters perform the job in an automated manner, with less human involvement. One of the major benefits is that you don’t need strong technical skills to work with.

What can you transfer from your current store to a new one?

Generally, you can transfer the design, data, & functions from the old store to the new Shopify store. Whereas, the automated way of e-commerce migration makes it possible for merchants to export only the data. Because the design & store functions transfers often require building the online shop from scratch, with the same looks & functions.

Is there any chance to lose your ecommerce store’s data when migrating to Shopify?

It’s obvious as an owner, you are worried about the potential loss of your important store features. But what should be aware of is that Shopify has a very strong CSV tool for moving products and customers in & out seamlessly.

You will also get the RSS feeds in place to transfer blog posts properly & APIs set up for the smooth transfer of orders. An automated method of data migration, Cartcoders ensures all your current data will be in total security during the migration.

What data of your store can you transfer to Shopify?

Cartcoders can migrate the following entities to your new Shopify store:

Products (with variants, images, and Meta information).

Product categories (with all images and Meta information).

Customer data.

Orders and order statuses.

Customer reviews.


What customization options will you receive after moving to Shopify?

Shopify is highly customizable & tailored to multiple brands on an individual basis. So while transiting to Shopify you don’t require to compromise any aspect of your store functions, images.

You can easily make the process of adapting & perfecting your e-commerce store image to your brand identity by making it more flexible, simple, & faster.

Here’s why migrating to Shopify could be the right move for you:

Hosting and Managed Services

Shopify provides you a rock-solid architecture, with a proper uptime & unlimited bandwidth management to increase the site traffic. For reducing the downtime, Shopify keeps updating its services regularly. It ultimately saves your time & money for hosting and maintaining the website.


Making customers feel secure while buying from your store is important. E-commerce security is a big deal. Shopify ensures your store is PCI compliant, by carrying out regular risk & compliance assessments on your store, so that you don’t require to schedule a regular evaluation by yourself.


Shopify provides you with an easy to use interface that enables merchants to update their site & make changes instantly without having to schedule them in advance with a developer with a menu-driven editor. Shopify also offers you a comprehensive dashboard where you can easily monitor sales, orders, & your audience.


Shopify provides you a much-accomplished scaling to accommodate the single highest peak in traffic. Because it is managed entirely by Shopify developers and programmers.

Whereas Shopify Plus provides you unlimited scaling & extensive APIs, so here it is beneficial for your e-commerce site by having the ability to grow and evolve in tandem with your business.

24/7 Priority Technical Support

In Shopify, you will get your queries to reply quickly through email, chat, or phone calls 24/7 with the Shopify support team. Shopify experts can troubleshoot any problems and find the best solution for an e-commerce store.


As we have discussed above, Shopify is now around 15 years old, so today it has a huge and strong community of developers, designers, & businesses globally.


From above, we can say that Shopify is a versatile, cost-effective, & highly customizable ecommerce platform that is definitely worth migrating to. At Cartcoders the migration service will be more helpful to you for performing data transferring across multiple shopping carts as trouble-free as possible.

Choosing CartCoders to build your Shopify store gives you the beautiful design that showcases your brand and a partner on a mission to make you more money.

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